Tumble Composter has Bold Jumpers

Tuble Composter has Bold Jumpers

My new tumble composter has some guard, a pair of Bold Jumping spiders have taken up residence on the outside. I assume the picking are really good and tasty since each time I open the composter a legion of escapees try to fly. I adore jumping spiders, we often have them in the flower boxes, along with ladybug alligators.

Anyway this pair must be brood siblings since they have exactly the same coloring and are the same size. My friend Tex said it best where spiders are concerned, “Any bug that eats another bug is A GOOD BUG!”


First Day of Spring

First Day of Spring

It’s the First Day of Spring here in Boston! The temperature is almost in the 50s, and I feel the lack of flowers. Usually, my mood is is lighter at this time of year because the chives are up and green, snow drops have come and gone, crocuses are a dash of color. Ant the daffodils are just peaking through, and my hopes for a good tulip show begin to grow.

It has been a hard winter, and the plants prove this out. So, I hope we have a late March that is a lamb. I wish that we have a normal Spring season this year with a nice progression of flowers and plants; allium, crocus, daffodil, redbud, tulips, forsythia, cherry, violets, and so many more… ah!