Quotation: Maurice Maeterlinck’s The Life of the Bee

“The Apinae has characteristics so distinct and well-marked that one is inclined to credit all its members with one common ancestor. The disciples of Darwin, Hermann Müller among others, consider a little wild bee, the Prosopis, which is to be found all over the universe, as the actual representative of the primitive bee whence all have issued that are known to us today.

The unfortunate [primitive] Prosopis compares to the inhabitants of our modern hives as cave-dwellers to those who live in our great cities. You will probably more than once have seen her fluttering about the bushes, in a deserted corner of your garden, without realising that you were carelessly watching the venerable ancestor to whom we probably owe most of our flowers and fruits for it is actually estimated that more than a hundred thousand varieties of plants would disappear if the bees did not visit them and possibly even our civilisation, for in these mysteries all things intertwine.”

Maurice Maeterlinck, 1901, The Life of the Bee


Tumble Composter has Bold Jumpers

Tuble Composter has Bold Jumpers

My new tumble composter has some guard, a pair of Bold Jumping spiders have taken up residence on the outside. I assume the picking are really good and tasty since each time I open the composter a legion of escapees try to fly. I adore jumping spiders, we often have them in the flower boxes, along with ladybug alligators.

Anyway this pair must be brood siblings since they have exactly the same coloring and are the same size. My friend Tex said it best where spiders are concerned, “Any bug that eats another bug is A GOOD BUG!”