A Curated Collection of Beehive Cams

Honey Bee Hive – Inside Hive

As part of an obsession with beekeeping, the question came to my addled brain “Are there any video streams watching beehives?”  Good question, and there are!  This is a “Curated” list of the more interesting streaming Cams I have found.

This collection of links will grow over time so check back.  Happy beekeeping!

Honey Bee Hive, Waal, Bavaria, Germany

Features: 2 LIVECAMs, sound, and some zoom views

Downer:  Not always running, but highlights reel plays instead.

This hive of Carniolan honey bees is located in a log in the Bavarian forest and offers an inside and an outside view.  Once if of the landing board of the hive, and the other camera is infrared located inside the hive.  Fascinating!

Inside the Hive –  The infrared camera watches the bees in the dark hive.  This will prove to you the bees are busy 24/7.  Even when the foragers aren’t out at night work continues in the hive, see title image.

Landing board of the Hive –  It is amazing to see how busy the little bees are just at the entrance of the hive.


Honey Bee Hive Landing Board

The Schwarmbörse – is the website that offers these enjoyable views into hive life.  This group is part of a German organization called Mellifera e. V., which since 1985, we have been committed to ecological-natural beekeeping and the protection of bees.; the only issue the videos are all in German.

Live Bee Cam of an Apiary, Washington DC, USA

Features:  User controls the camera to pan, zoom on any number of hives.

Live Bee Cam of an Apiary

This camera is located in an apiary in Washington DC.  The camera can be directed by the viewer to focus on and hive entrance you want.  It is fun and as long as you don’t need to share the camera control.  The website is Live Bee Cam and when you get their just click on the image under the description, and it will pop a new window with the feed from the camera.  Then just click on the view or outline a frame on the image to zoom in and move the view around.

Bryant Park Bee Cam, NYC, NY, USA

Look it’s two hive entrances with lots of activity in Bryant Park Bee Cam.  One of the hives looks weaker than the other, but who knows.

Bryant Park Bee Cam

Bee Cam @ Mount Auburn Cemetary, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Mount Auburn Cemetery is the first rural and arboretum cemetery in the United States. It is the burial site of many prominent members of the Boston Brahmins, as well being a National Historic Landmark.

Bee Cam @ Mount Auburn Cemetery

Dedicated in 1831 and set with classical monuments in a rolling landscaped terrain on 174-acre (70 ha) cemetery is important both for its historical aspects and for its role as an arboretum. It is Watertown’s largest contiguous open space and extends into Cambridge to the east, adjacent to the Cambridge City Cemetery and Sand Banks Cemetery. It was designated a National Historic Landmark District in 2003 for its pioneering role in 19th-century cemetery development.

The Bee Cam @ Mount Auburn Cemetery tends to be down at night.  Used the MID or LOW resolution and the cam will behave better.  I spoke with the beekeeper, and they are working on upgrading this cam sometime in 2019.

Honey Bee Livestream, Germany

This cam was set up to show the activity around a beehive in Winter, and it is still running.  Great sound and video speed and clarity are okay.   Not sure how the cam looks at night, but check it out on YouTube:  Honey Bee Livestream.

Honey Bee Livestream

Honey Bees Live Stream by Texas Angry Bee Honey

I found this BeeCam currently show a hive and a nuc. There is activity almost eveyday. I do wish it included a piece of the sky so one could know what the weather was like. I suspect the camera is inside so one can hear a little dog bark once in a while. This YouTube stream is called: Honey Bees Live Stream by Texas Angry Bee Honey

Honey Bees Live Stream by Texas Angry Bee Honey

The evaluation of the live stream cams is based on clarity, sound, and then features.  A feature is can viewer control the camera, or does the camera pan on its own.

Happy Beekeeping from BernieBe!

Two Things Money Can’t Buy…

There are two things money can’t buy… true love and homegrown tomatoes.

~~Guy Clark

YouTube:  Guy Clark Sings Homegrown Tomatoes

YouTube: Guy Clark Sings Homegrown Tomatoes

This is probably one of life’s truths.*  The fault with store bought it is breed to volume, weight, skin thickness, and color.  My seed collection has 32 lines of tomatoes going, most I grow for flavor.


A tomato harvest from 2015, had 50+ plants growing.

I love cherry tomatoes because they are indeterminate and just produce all season long.  My absolute favorites are Yellow Pear, and Black Russian cherry tomatoes.  I have some seeds a little old Greek lady “Sophia” who gave me some tomatoes at the community garden I used to be at.  She grew the most beautiful and tasty mixed up big tomatoes I have had in 30 years.  She’d been gardening there for 25 plus years.  She used compost tea, put them in the ground weeks before the rest of us, and just nursed them into the most beautiful crop you have ever seen.

I picked up three books on garden plant breeding, and tomato breading seems simple enough.  A green house would help, but I might be able to get two generations a year here in New England without one, ever the optimist.

At an organic farming conference recently, they were discussing how the best tomato of them all is the Brandywine tomato.  The thing I learned was that not all Brandywine strains are created equal, especially in taste.  I’ll focus on that this coming year. I’ll grow 3 large tomatoes, a Brandywine, Early Girl, and line I call Sophia.   Plus, half a dozen cherry tomato lines.

I want to be the crazy old tomato guy in 10 more years.  The ones that shows up with homegrown tomatoes and home made wine, then sits there smoking with the other older old crazy <insert specialty here> guys, and shoot the breeze as the day goes by.  Tomatoes are so fine!

*Puppies not withstanding.

Gore Plase: The Historic Govenor Gore Estate

Over the weekend I visited this estate and walked the grounds and farm.  It looked quite interesting.  I had to leave before they had the lecture on how people used to keep warm in the olden days.

IMG_5310Gore Place, the Federal period, historic house and estate of Massachusetts Governor Christopher Gore, includes a small farm with sheep, goats and poultry. The elegantly furnished mansion has been called “The Monticello of the North” and architectural historians consider it to be the most significant Federal Period mansion in New England.

I hope to return when it’s greener and the farm stand is open.  There seems to be a lot going on with new restoration projects, the farm, and tours.

Dried Flowers Are Ironic

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             isn’t it ironic
how we kill
because we
think they are

Where I volunteer, a greenhouse, we are drying flowers for winter arrangements.  Forgot how beautiful, fun, and interesting it is to do dried flowers; hadn’t done this since helping a grandmother as a child.  She didn’t have a “stemming machine” that’s pictured, that attaches a pic to a bunch of flowers.  I love the idea of putting flowers away so one can enjoy them in winter.  Don’t have books devoted to this subject, found a couple of sections in books on flower gardens.  In Beverly Nichols book “Down the Garden Path”, or was it “Under a thatched Roof”, he discusses creating the perfect dried flower basket for his entry way, and uses “rough glycerin” to preserve them. Really would like to plant  flowers in the flower bed so we can dry some for next winter.

We pick the flowers and use rubber-bands to group them and some wire to create a hook.  Hang them upside down under the garage roof from wires strung.  It is cool and dry, and in about 2 weeks they are ready to pack.  The greenhouse stores the flowers in old rose stem delivery boxes.  the come in half a dozen large sizes.

Easy Peasy!