Bees Swarm Berlin, Where Beekeeping Is Booming

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

When is enough Honey Bees too much? What an exciting problem to have. This New York Times article looks at the issues of urban beekeeping being too hip. Like many people, they underestimate the responsibilities of actual husbandry of livestock and can have a detrimental effect on biodiversity they are trying to protect. Read more at the New York Times story: Bees Swarm Berlin, Where Beekeeping Is Booming.

Beekeeping on the roof, Berlin, Germany

The article doesn’t seem to offer any solutions, but like most trends, bee having will wain eventually. Then the true enthusiasts and diehards will remain. Though, I have met several people that just like watching their hives; I wish to be doing that now, but I haven’t asked if we can have an observation hive in by office building yet. One will dream…

Happy Beekeeping!