In Sweden, McDonald’s has sponsored the construction of the smallest McDonald’s restaurant with very important staff. A Bee colony resides there. It’s a publicity stunt at best, but it is nice to dream about a world where every McDonald’s in the world had hives on there roofs.

What does it look like with supers on it?

The world is buzzing with excitement over the creation and many have taken to social media with bee puns. One person wrote, “They will become oBEEse….” Another said, “I bet it will always be ‘beesy’”. Yet another posted, “I bet the ice cream machine doesn’t work.”

All joking aside, this idea is fantastic and hopefully will be implemented in all countries. McDonald’s has nearly 38,000 restaurants around the world. Just imagine if each one added a bee hive to their rooftops. Together we can make a difference.

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