Butterflies Don’t Live in Houses!

I have never seen a picture or a video of a butterfly entering or exiting a Butterfly House. I have thoughts like this all the time and hypothesizes about the world.

The newest hypothesis is as follows:

Butterflies (Lepidoptera) do not use Butterfly Boxes.

I think that Butterfly Boxes/Houses are fanciful and attractive garden accessories. For years I have searched for a picture or video of a butterfly entering or exiting a Butterfly House. They showed up years about 20 years ago as the best new accessory in those catalogs for the garden pre-internet shopping. They cost 20 to 110 buck$ and you put them on a post facing east to catch the morning sun so the butterflies can warm up and fly away off to work to feed on nectar and frolic among the flora. Yes, you will see Photoshopped pictures box covers and advert of butterflies of these houses with happy butterflies alighting or flapping around them. Can you find a picture of a Lepidoptera entering or exiting a butterfly house? Heck, I will even take evidence of a moth taking advantage of the validity of a butterfly house.

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Here is the thing with the advent of digital cameras being pointed 24/7 at everything on the planet. Can it be true that no parent or child has thought “I want to catch the beauty of a butterfly using out gardens butterfly house.” Not one?!? Please prove me wrong.

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Why do butterflies not user Butterfly Houses? Because butterflies don’t read the same catalogs we do? They also don’t hang out in schools like fish, they hang in a group called kaleidoscope. Seriously, one should suspect that butterflies are smart enough to know that the only thing living inside a butterfly house is a hungry spider that would love to have a meal come and stay the night.

Will I consider taking as evidence a picture of a spider web filled with a moth or butterfly carcass parts shambalizing the interior of a butterfly box. I will consider it, but I suspect the arachnid pulled them into their parlour for tea and crumpets.

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So what is one to do? If you really want to help the butterflies specifically build a butterfly feeder or butterfly puddles area.

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