Michael Palmer of French Hill Apiaries Videos

Michael Palmer of French Hill Apiaries Video Collection

Michael Palmer – Beekeeper

Michael Palmer is one of the great modern voices of beekeeping. He brings an inquisitive, open mind and vast knowledge to the interested beekeeper videos. Mike is an excellent speaker and has good insight into bee behavior. HIs beekeeping style has a lot of Yankee pragmatism in it, and he shows that he holds to the belief that bees need good animal husbandry skills. His business is French Hills Apiaries near the town of St. Albans, VT in the Champlain Valley.

I have been told that he has written a book and pamphlets that I have been unable to find on the Web. He doesn’t have his own website, blog, or frequent any forums; you got to admire someone that ain’t caught up in the technology rat race. However, it is not a total lose his thought and ideas on raising bees, raising queens, overwintering Double Nucs, strategies for honey production, keeping flourishing apiaries in the challenging northeast climate, and methods for sustainable beekeeping are available in video form. These videos are strewn across the internet, though many are on YouTube. This page is a collection of all the videos I could find both long and short. If you know of others, please let me know I would very much appreciate it.



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