Why Vegans are Wrong

The tone of this article is satirical with content that is serious, informative, and thought-provoking. Also, the comment section is well worth a read because it does spawn a fair discussion. My personal feeling is that small-scale beekeepers produce an ecologically balanced product, with an understanding of metaphysics that are personal, local, and with a touch of love. Following doctrine blindly is not useful because we all, I hope, want to use our natural intelligence, wisdom, and right thinking morality to have our existence be a positive to the world.

Bad Beekeeping Blog

honey-dripping-from-spoonProduct of abuse?

I have a vegan acquaintance. He is a mild, considerate, and generally pleasant young man. He thinks that beekeeping is cruel and inhumane. He tells me that honey-eating encourages theft and the abuse, imprisonment and exploitation of insects. “Tell me more,” I said.

Vegans, my friend told me, feel that if you eat honey, you harm the environment and you injure your health. I think that my friend and others like him make these false statements because they don’t know how honey is made nor how bees are kept. Such narrow thoughts give reasonable vegetarians a bad name. Much misinformation is rooted in an almost cult-like adherence to dogma created by the revered Donald Watson, founder of the vegan movement.

Godlike, Don Watson leads the way

cut-treesDefenseless and dead

75 years ago, Don Watson invented the word Vegan and constructed much of the philosophy that…

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