Dried Flowers Are Ironic

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             isn’t it ironic
how we kill
because we
think they are

Where I volunteer, a greenhouse, we are drying flowers for winter arrangements.  Forgot how beautiful, fun, and interesting it is to do dried flowers; hadn’t done this since helping a grandmother as a child.  She didn’t have a “stemming machine” that’s pictured, that attaches a pic to a bunch of flowers.  I love the idea of putting flowers away so one can enjoy them in winter.  Don’t have books devoted to this subject, found a couple of sections in books on flower gardens.  In Beverly Nichols book “Down the Garden Path”, or was it “Under a thatched Roof”, he discusses creating the perfect dried flower basket for his entry way, and uses “rough glycerin” to preserve them. Really would like to plant  flowers in the flower bed so we can dry some for next winter.

We pick the flowers and use rubber-bands to group them and some wire to create a hook.  Hang them upside down under the garage roof from wires strung.  It is cool and dry, and in about 2 weeks they are ready to pack.  The greenhouse stores the flowers in old rose stem delivery boxes.  the come in half a dozen large sizes.

Easy Peasy!

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